• S.D. Hintz

Why Can't I Get Published?

Updated: Feb 22, 2020

Welcome to the wide world of writing where we constantly ask the question, "Why can't I get published?" The majority of the time, speaking from personal experience, it's not so much that your writing isn't up to par, but rather that it doesn't fit with the publishing house or agency you're submitting to. And while I'm a professionally published author, I also have not left the comforting confines of the small press. So in an effort to assist those creative individuals in my boat, below are links to the generous houses that have published my work in the past, in no particular order.

imagination pic

Solstice Publishing

Left Hand Publishers

A Murder of Storytellers

MacKenzie Publishing

Dark Alley Press

Black Bed Sheet Books

Dark Scribe Press

Belfire Press

Lyrical Press

Rainfall Books


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