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My Review on Stuart West's Ghosts of Gannaway

Updated: Feb 22, 2020

Oh, God, the boy poked out his own eyes and throat! He'd seen some terrible mining accidents in his life, but never anything like that. The blood everywhere. And the loose eye sliding down like a gray egg yolk.’

Stuart West’s Ghosts of Gannaway published by Grinning Skull Press is brutal, brilliant, and a page-turner all in one well-written tale. Told through fluent flashbacks spanning the 1930s and 60s, the locals of Gannaway believe the mines are cursed due to the land being stolen from an American Indian tribe. Cue Dennis Lipstein, a government scientist sent to determine if the land has been contaminated by acid mine water, which he presumes is behind the violent tragedies of the 30s. The storyline is convincing and intriguing, West clearly having done his due diligence on research. He constantly has you guessing if the creepy town is haunted or if Mr. Gannaway and his “chat rats” are just trying to scare away the government. It’s been a while since I read a horror novel that I couldn’t put down, and this one had me on edge until the bone-chilling climax. Highly recommended!

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