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Get Your Shopping Cart Out of Self-Checkout!

Updated: Feb 22, 2020

That's right! I said it. Self-Checkouts are for basket-carriers ONLY. You know who you are. The same person rolling their eyes at me now. And you're right, it's not like there's signs at Walmart or Target dictating the obvious. But here are my reasons why before you crucify me on a Slim Jim end cap.

Well, all the lanes are full so....

  1. In case you didn't notice, there's a lack of conveyor belts in typical self-checkouts, save for grocery stores. Which means that you have no where to place your cartload of groceries without making the computer scream at you, "Unexpected item in bagging area!!"

  2. You just made the line longer! Your cart takes up approximately 3 impatient shopper spaces, and makes the rest of us curse you with a wobbly wheel on your way out to the parking lot.

  3. At the end of scanning your groceries, the self-checkout computer asks if you have any more items in your basket, because.... CARTS DON'T BELONG HERE!

  4. You're in the way. Especially if you park your cart at the nearest checkout, creating a roadblock for the rest of us basket-carriers passing through.

  5. Just stop with the carts in self-checkout already, it's a losing argument.

  6. Let's be honest, we're all slower than a cashier, and cart-pushers will spend a minimum of 15 minutes scanning their items.

  7. Slowly step away from the cart. Don't you put that child in there!

  8. A heavy basket is good for the biceps! Now stop it. I mean it! Get away from that cart!

  9. I'm gonna cut your hands off if you bring that cart over here.

  10. You're just asking for a receipt check at the door, you cart-pushing, self-checkout-ignoring, ungrateful shopper.

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